Get to know us

We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team. We are motivated to generate a positive impact in the labor market.

Alejandro Kantor

I studied mathematics, economics, statistics, and computer science. I was a researcher at Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Together with the data science team, I develop new AI products for our clients. I know how to cook as long as Youtube exists.

Alvaro Collas

I studied economics and specialized in digital transformation at Columbia University. 20+ years of experience in consulting, banking, human capital and IT. I am focused on growth, a bit of product, and customer success. At 14, I took my father´s car for a test drive. I was found guilty.

Ana Laranjeira

I studied design and computer engineering in Portugal, my country of origin. I spend my days improving our platform and honing my machine learning skills. When I have doubts, I find answers in Bruce Lee´s philosophy. I have survived many bike trips in Lima.

Carlos Ganoza

I studied economics and political science and did an MBA at the University of Chicago. I am passionate about innovating to solve social problems and believe in the power of technology to empower people. I am co-author of the book "El Perú está calato" (Peru is naked). Some people think it is XXX literature.

Diego Arellano

I decided to study psychology and business administration because I like helping people enjoy their job. At Quantum I work hard so that users of our technology get the best out of it. My head attracts different sorts of flying objects, mainly various sports balls. I have managed to avoid a golf and rugby ball (so far).

Diego Soyer

I am a computer statistician. At Quantum I solve problems with data science and machine learning. I love challenges, working with a great team, and always having interesting problems to tackle. The only time I went to a club, I got in with a fake i.i.d...

Gonzalo Tejada

I am a mechatronic engineer with experience managing technology projects. At Quantum I am a product owner and I am responsible for our product to be the best possible. I am the best foosball table player, even though the statistics may show otherwise.

Isaias Culqui

I studied statistical engineering, currently rank as Kaggle Expert, and continuously strive to improve my current standing. At Quantum I am part of the data science team. I enjoy finding insights in data, building potent predictive models, and solving problems. Taking my dog out for a walk is time for relaxation and reflection, for both.

Javier Rivas

I am passionate about marketing and business challenges. At Quantum I am an intern with the growth team, where I have learned a lot and have developed new skills. On a monthly basis, I can spend more in haircuts that in food.

Keyvhinng Espinoza

I studied software engineering and learned to solve problems with algorithms in an efficient manner. At Quantum I develop solutions so that our services are optimal and reliable.
During my first day in preschool, I had to spell my name. It was in that moment, that I understood life was full of challenges.

Lucia Bayly

I studied art and psychology and I am passionate about human behavior. My goal is to reduce the barriers that stop people from attaining their maximum potential. At Quantum we are tackling that problem. While doing my undergraduate degree I applied to work for the CIA. I cannot reveal whether I was hired.

Luis Echenique

I study software engineering. I am passionate about software development and technology, and how these two disciplines can impact people’s lives. At Quantum I design and develop software to build a better society. Just give me sweets and you will see…

Marialette Arguelles

I studied software engineering in Venezuela. I am passionate about being productive in whatever I do, in order to have a positive impact on others. This is why at Quantum I design and develop software to help people find the best possible job. Arepas are from Venezuela!

Mauricio Arias

I am a computer scientist with 7+ years of experience. As a senior developer I make sure our products are top notch. As a scrum master I help the team achieve its goals. I really enjoy photography and I am an amateur bass guitarist. One day I would really like to have my own band.

Mune Yamakawa

I am an industrial engineer, passionate about technology and data science. I focus on understanding our clients’ pains so that we can help them attain further efficiencies, while at the same time maximize applicants' job opportunities. I enjoy creating bots and challenging my workmates in any game. The only thing is...I do not like to lose :/

Paolo Bocchio

I am a service designer with a passion to improve interactions between people and product. At Quantum I am in charge of translating our clients’ needs to functionalities in our platform. I enjoy cooking and to a higher level confectionery `o´