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We combine the best of scientific research on human behavior with the best of data science and technology.


We evaluate applicants with our online test in an average time of 20 minutes.

Our test is based on the most advanced scientific research on human behaviour applied to emerging countries. We measure cognitive, socio-emotional, and personality characteristics of applicants.
Today, +70% of applicants respond our test from their smartphones.


We predict and share in real time the probability of success of the applicant.

Based on the most advanced research in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, our predictive machine learning algorithms generate predictions with levels of accuracy greater than 50% when compared to existing methods.


Human Capital teams access our Dashboard for key actionable insights.

Our SaaS platform allows human capital teams to monitor each stage of the selection process, see who has high/low probability of success and move candidates through the funnel. Recruiting and selection specialists can contact applicants directly from the platform. We also have the option for our bots to engage with the applicants.

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